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 8th International Conference on Case Reports


The Euroscicon is organizing its 8th International Conference on Case Reports (Case Reports-2018) on 28-29 May, 2018, London, UK. The conference is organised around the themeClinical and medical case studies that pave way for an advanced healthcare. We extend to you a warm invitation to attend the conference.

Case Reports Conference 2018 will serve as a global platform for the discussion of new trends in clinical and medical research; associations between rare diseases and their symptoms,the possible pathogenesis of a disease, unique therapeutic advances and variations in anatomical structures in human.

Analysis of certain case reports may generate a conflict of interest in the scientific community and encourage more research in those topics which will ultimately lead to advancement in the field of science.

  Why attend the Case Reports-2018?

  • One- on -one interaction with eminent scientists and experts in the clinical and medical research field.
  • Avail upto 21 CME credits
  • An international platform to promote your research activities
  • Networking with peers or sponsors for continuing research
  • Learning new insights about the advances in medicine and related fields
  • Getting recognized in a global platform and discuss research ideas with other peers
  • Organise symposia and workshops
  • Best platform to promote colaborative research activities
  • Excellent exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Young Researchers Forum and Posters Award for Students
  • Online speaker webpage
  • Exclusive dicounts on Group Registrations
  • Keynote Speaker Opportunity
  • Moderator Opportunity
  • Collaboration Opportunity

Conference Image

We invite you to submit your abstracts under the following tracks:

  • Case Reports on Dentistry
  • Case Reports in Ophthalmology
  • Pediatrics Case Reports
  • Cardiology Case Reports
  • Neurology Case Reports
  • Human pathology Case Reports
  • Oncology Case Reports
  • Case Reports on Drug Interactions
  • Case Reports on Public and Mental Health
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Case Reports
  • Surgery Case Reports
  • Medical Genetics Case Reports
  • Medicine Case Reports
  • Proctology Case Reports
  • Radiology Case Reports
  • Case Reports in Endocrinology and Diabetes
  • Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Case Reports

You can also submit any new research in the related fields above pertaining to : any unexpected associations between diseases and symptoms, any new disease in the course of observing or treating a patient, therapeutic approaches to treat a disease and findings that shed new light to the possible pathogenesis of a disease.


Best Poster Awards

Best Young Researcher Award



Case reports are a good way of presenting research with an idiographic angle. It is a formal summary of symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of a patient. Case reporting holds immense value as it is the sole way to present unusual and uncontrolled observations regarding clinical findings, the course of illness, complications of interventions, associations of diseases, drug interactions in the human body or drug pathogen interactions.

Hence, a Case Report, in simple terms, is a well-documented account of something that has not been reported in the past literature, and definitely, serves as a useful contribution.


Case Reports conference 2018 welcomes academic and business professionals from all over the world to attend the conference.

We coordially invite Directors from Medical Institutions and Hospitals , Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chairs, Deans, Associate Deans, Professors of Medical Universities from the field of :

We  also extend our welcome to Directors, Chairpersons, CEOs  and Managers of :


The scope Case reports 2018 of covers alomost all major firlds of clinical and medical research, but not limited to the below segments:

Track 1: Case Reports on Dentistry

Conference Image

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that that is concerned with the detection, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the mouth cavity and the oral mucosa. Dental problems may cause severe indispositions as pointed out by the World Health Organisation especially among the lower socio-economic groups. Among the various specialties of dentistry, Pediatric dentistry is concerned with providing comprehensive oral healthcare for children in their growing years. Restorative dentistry and endodontics deal with the management of the diseases of the teeth and maxillofacial area. Cosmetic/esthetic dentistry serves to reconstruct the dentition according to the needs and aesthetics of the individual. Forensic dentistry/ forensic odontology reports help in the evaluation of dental evidence in criminal cases. Periodontitis, gingivitis, dental caries, and sensitivity are some of the common diseases that affect the oral cavity. A Recent study shows that severe periodontitis may also point to early diabetes.

Track 2Case Reports in Medicine

Conference Image

Internal medicine is a special branch of medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs in an adult individual in a non-surgical manner. The latest research in this field centers around studying liver infections caused by Hepatitis c virus and pulmonology infections.

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty that is associated with providing acute patients immediate medical heed.

Evidence-based medicine is the judicious use of healthcare medicines based on case reports and evidence-based research.

Tropical medicine is a branch of medicine that is associated with diseases (eg. endemic diseases like malaria, ebola etc) that are difficult to control and is distributed mainly around the tropical and subtropical areas.

Personalized medicine is associated with „tailoring ” treatment based on the individual’s problem or disease. Each person has a unique disease risk associated which often based on his genetic make-up/ genome. Hence research on this type of personalized treatment is on the rise.

Translational medicine is a multi-faceted emerging field in biomedical research that ensures that the existing strategies for disease treatment are actually implemented in the community by discovering new diagnostic tools in a bench-to-bedside approach.

Track 3:  Case reports on Proctology/ Colorectal surgery

Conference Image

Proctology: a specialization branch of medicine that can be associated with diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the anus, rectum, and colon. Patients often turn to a proctologist or a colorectal surgeon when they need help with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. However, there is a mild difference between gastroenterologists and proctologists as the latter expertise in all parts of the GI tract and have an increased knowledge of the small intestine, colon, rectum, and anal canal. There are many disorders that can be treated by colorectal surgeries. Some of them include:

Hemorrhoids: commonly known as piles, hemorrhoids are swellings in the posterior part of the GI tract i.e. the rectum which causes bleeding, pain and distress.

Anal fissures: A small tear in the anus lining.

Fistulas: An infected tunnel between the skin and the anus.

Constipation: Constipation refers to difficulties in bowel movements as it becomes dry and hard to pass.Abdominal pain, bloating can also result because of this condition.

Cecal perforations occur due to direct or secondary injuries in the colon or rectum. Cecal perforations can be indicative of colorectal cancer also.

Hematochezia: it is a condition in which fresh blood passes out of the anus along with stools.

Track 4: Case reports on Gastroenterology

Conference Image

Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among diseases of the digestive system, gastrointestinal cancers, intragastric bleeding, GERD, ulcers, dysphagia, odynophagia, regurgitation, inflammatory and infectious disorders are most noticed.

Track 5Case reports on Oncology

Conference Image

Oncology is a branch of medicine that focusses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of malignancy or cancer.  Cancers can be broadly classified into carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, brain and spinal chord cancers based on the origin of cancer in the body. Loss of regulation in cell signaling pathways,  upregulation or downregulation of a housekeeping protein, metastasis, and evasion of the immune system are the major characteristics of any cancer. The occurrence of cancer can be due to both inheritable and environmental reasons. People with autoimmune disorders like (eg.  celiac disease) are at a high risk of cancer.

Track 6Case reports on Urology

Conference Image

Urology or genitourinary surgery is a specialization branch of medicine which deals with matters of the male and female urinary tract and male reproductive organs mainly the prostate gland. Urinary tract infection is more prevalent in females than in males.Common male urology disorders include incontinence, male infertility, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, penile implant and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and elevated PSA. Among females interstitial cystitis, bladder infection and an overactive bladder are more common.

The subdisciplines of urology include endourologylaparoscopyurologic oncologypediatric oncologyandrology , reconstructive urology and female urology.

Track 7Case reports on Cardiology

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Cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the blood circulatory system and its pump i.e the heart. Disorders of the heart and the vascular system are collectively known as the disorders of the cardiovascular systemHypertensionArrhythmias, coronary artery disease and congenital heart defects are some cardiac disease conditions. Recent topics in cardiology research include radiation associated cardiac disease, pediatric cardiology, cardiovascular imaging studies etc.

Track 8Case reports on Medical Genetics

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This branch of science deals with karyotypic analysis and testing chromosomes, biochemical markers and genetic material, mainly DNA extracted from body fluids for the complete and detailed analysis of the disease at the molecular level. Mainly three branches fall under this category: they are molecular genetics, cytogenetics and biochemical genetics.

Track 9Case reports on Ophthalmology

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Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology, and diseases related to  the eye and its appendages. This field covers important topics like cataract progression and deposition , retinal detachment, corneal graft rejection and much more. Sometimes due to spread of cancers through blood or lymph, primary tumors arise in the eye which is known as retinoblastoma in children and melanoma in adults. Secondary tumors may also occur in the eye.

Track 10Case Reports on Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Obstetrics is a medical specialty that deals with pregnancy, childbirth and pregnancy complications.

Gynecology or “the science of women” is associated with the treatment and diagnosis of female reproductive system and the breasts. These two fields are often compiled together and collectively known as obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN).

Obstetric Cholestasis a common liver disorder where the normal flow of bile from the liver is reduced and occurs frequently among pregnant women.

Cancers of the female reproductive organ like cervical cancers, endometrial and ovarian cancers are studied in a separate subspeciality of gynecology known as gynecological oncology.

Gynecologists use reproductive medicine for abortions, and also to reduce the risk ofvenous thromboembolism leading to maternal mortality during the post partum period.

The first case report of the spread of zika virus through sexual contact was reported in 2016 which made the disease an enduring health challenge.

Track 11 : Case reports on Pediatrics

Conference Image

Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that is associated with providing proper medical and health care to infants, children, and adolescents( from birth through adolescence). The goal of a pediatrician is to treat and diagnose infections, injuries, congenital conditions and organ dysfunctions in a child in order to give him a long disease free life.

Some of the various subspecialties’ of pediatry include:Pediatric hematologyPediatric allergyand immunology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric critical care, Pediatric Gastroenterology,Pediatric oncology, Pediatric neuropsychology and  Pediatric surgery.

Track 12 : Case reports on Anesthesiology

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Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery.

Anesthesiologists along with the surgical team, work in collaboration to provide medical care to patients. Anesthesia drugs can be used intravenously to induce sedation in patients that work effectively in pain relief.

For acute post-operative pain, sometimes controlled opioid analgesics are also permitted and several case reports regarding the efficacy of this treatment have come up recently in this aspect.

Track 13 Case reports on Neurology

Conference Image

Neurology is defined as the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the nervous system that comprises of the brain and the spinal chord.  Extensive research is going on in the study of common neurological disorders like the Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, and migraine.

The neurobiology of bipolar disorder, and dissociative identity disorder are also areas of study in this field despite the overlap with the field of psychiatry.

Clinical neuropsychologists evaluate brain-behavior for differential diagnosis, rehabilitation strategies, documenting cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and measuring change over time (e.g., for identifying abnormal aging or tracking the progression of dementia).

In some countries, a sub specialisation of this branch of medicine is called clinical neurophysiology which is associated with nerve conduction studies and electrodiagnostic medicine.

Track 14 Case reports on Surgery

Conference Image

The first evidence of surgical treatments dates back to the prehistoric era when the Egyptians drilled a hole in the skull to expose the dura matter to treat intracranial diseases and used sutures to close wounds. Surgery in the 21st century comprises of four parts: pre-operative care, staging of the surgery, surgery and post-operative care. Surgeries are classified or grouped into several types based on timing, purpose, body part, type of procedure, degree of invasiveness and equipment used.

Among the various types of surgery the most common are:

Bariatric surgery: this surgery is usually performed on people suffering from obesity. Either the size of the stomach is reduced by using a gastric band or the small intestine is redirected to a smaller stomach pouch. These two techniques are normally used to achieve weight loss.

Pediatric surgery: this surgery involves surgery on children, adolescents, and fetuses with birth defects and other complications

Cardiothoracic surgery: this type of surgery deals with surgical treatment of the thoracic mainly  the heart and chest

Oral and maxillofacial surgery: this deals with  treating disorders and diseases of the mouth or oral cavity and the jaw (maxilla )

Vascular surgery: it is a surgical subspecialty that is concerned with treating the disorders of the vascular system

Plastic surgery:  a type of surgery that is associated with the reconstruction, restoration or change in the human body.Plastic surgery may be done for aesthetic reasons as well.

Track15 : Case reports on  Clinical Microbiology and  Infectious Diseases

Conference Image

Any disease caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and protozoans and can be spread from one individual to the other fall under the category of infectious diseases. Sometimes some helpful microorganisms may become opportunistic pathogens and cause disease.

Diagnosis of these diseases may be done by symptomatic methods, microbial pure cultures, microscopy, biochemical testing, PCR-based testing or by metagenomic sequencing using bioinformatic tools.

Track 16 : Case reports on Human Pathology

Conference Image

Pathology is derived from the Greek word “pathos” which means suffering, pathology usually deals with the laboratory diagnosis of samples or body fluids in order to find out about the nature of the illness. The 6 most common pathology tests are liver function test (LFT), full blood examination, iron studies, urine analysis, Thyroid stimulating hormone quantification and Internationalised Normalised Ratio. Pathological research can help in the thorough understanding of human diseases.

Recently a three in one blood test, the first test of its kind has opened the door for precision medicine in prostrate cancer research and hence holds promise to transform the treatment of the disease.

Track 17 : Case reports on Drug Interactions

Conference Image

Drug interactions occur when one drug interacts or interferes with the working of the other. There may be several kinds of drug interactions. Nowadays the increased use of combinatorial treatment for treating diseases demands drug interactions be studied thoroughly before their launch in the market. Sometimes drug interactions can be synergistic or may produce adverse effects which cause problems to the health of the individual. Drug- disease interactions may worsen or exerbate an existing medical condition.

Track 18 : Case reports on Public and Mental Health

Conference Image

Public heath research is an amalgamation of different disciplines which work together to protect community health through education, research for disease and prevention of injuries. More than one in four adults living with serious mental health problems is also a prey to  substance abuse. Substance use problems occur more frequently with certain mental health problems, including the following :

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorder

Track 19: Case reports on Radiology

Conference Image

Radiology is the specialty in which imaging studies ( X-rays, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Positron emission Tomography etc) are used to treat and diagnose a disease or an injury in the body. Neuroradiology, thoracic radiology, cardiac imaging, OB/GYN imaging, genitourinary radiology, musculoskeletal imaging, interventional radiology and pediatric radiology are some of the important subdivisions/ subspecialties of Radiology.

Case reports on Radiology are required to be analyzed to very precisely identify a disease or a condition. Radiation Oncologists use radiation therapy to treat cancer and other diseases.

Track 20Case Reports in Clinical Autopsy

Conference Image

A clinical autopsy is performed to gain more insight into the factors that contributed to the patients death and also to maintain standard care in Hospitals. Case Reports in Clinical Autopsy can help us understand how future patient deaths can be prevented in future. Usually Clinical Autopsy consists of several stages: first there is an external examination, followed by Internal examination and then the reconstitution of the body. Thus, Clinical Autopsy ‘s shed light on Medical Diagnosis and can help in advancing healthcare.



London, the capital city of United Kingdom, stands on the River Thames and is located southeast of the island of Great Britain. London covers an area of 1579 square kilometers and according to 2016 statistics, Greater London’s population was estimated to be 8.63 million.

London is a leading global city excelling in the fields of arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transportation. As the world’s largest financial center, London serves as an attractive destination for international investors and businessmen. It is home to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and more than 300 languages are spoken.

The host city also has some of the best medicine schools such as the Imperial College London, University College London, King’s College London, Queen Mary’s University of London etc. The Buckingham Palacethe Warner Bros Studiothe Madame Tussauds wax museumWestminster Abbey, and the London Eye are the major tourist destinations in this city.


The UK is a very productive research nation when compared to other nations in terms of articles and citations per unit R&D expenditure and research quality.  UK research also clearly drives global innovation; its research is the second most frequently cited in global patents in relative terms after Germany.

The global clinical trial service market will reach $64 billion by 2020. Current global environment is forcing drug companies to come up with better drugs at low cost. At present, the developed countries dominate the clinical trial and research market. CROs( Contract Research Organisations) must extend to offer a one-stop shop for pharmaceutical clients to take advantage of these strategic partnerships. They will require, new diagnostic and therapeutic tools to improve their service offerings, as well as expanding into emerging markets.

CROS in London

Out of the 400 CROs in London, some of them are listed below

  • 42 Technology
  • AbBaltis
  • Abbexa Ltd.
  • Abcellute
  • AME Bioscience
  •  Antibody Production Services
  •  BABS Biomarker Services
  •  Barts and the London NHS TRUST
  • Biocon Pharmaceuticals
  •  Cambridge BioScience
  •  Cancer Research Technology (CRT)
  •  Dotmatics
  • Eagle Genomics
  •  IOTA Pharmaceuticals
  •  National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB)
  • Oncologica Uk Ltd.
  • Synexa Life Sciences
  • The Francis Crick Institute

Department of health (UK) expenditure on healthcare and clinical research

Conference Image

With the increase in public health expenditure, the demand for health care services have also increased. This calls for the need of  more extensive research in medical and clinical research fields. This increase  can be attributed to the high population growth.

According to 2014 statistics, UK expenditure on R&D per capita was 692.9 (USD, PPP). This is much higher than Russia, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and a list of other developed countries.

Total current healthcare expenditure in the UK was 9.9% of gross domestic product (GDP),higher than the median for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member states.

Conference Image

Hospitals in London associated with medical  research and case reports

Queen Mary, University of London

Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, Charterhouse Square

Hammersmith Hospital

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

NIHR/Wellcome UCLH Clinical Research Facility University College Hospital London

St Bartholomews Hospital

Royal Marsden Hopsital, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Cannon Research Institute

University College London Hospitals

Charing Cross Hospital

Royal Free and University College Medical School

Evelina Children’s Hospital

Saint George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

Guy’s Hospital

Barnet Hospital

Central Middlesex Hospital

Royal Brompton Hospital

St Thomas’ Hospital London

Barts Health NHS Trust

Care Oncology Clinic

Chelsea and Westminster Hosptial/Royal Brompton Hosptial

Number of hospitals in London, UK

north central London  :16, number of beds : 3650

north east London : 14,number of beds: 4100

north west London: 18, number of beds: 3025

south east London: 20, number of beds: 4495

south west London : 22, number of beds : 4246

List of hospitals with NHS trust

Hammersmith Hospital,Central Middlesex Hospital, Ealing Hospital, Hillingdon Hospital, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, West Middlesex Hospital, Western Eye Hospital, Beckenham Beacon, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Croydon University Hospital, Evelina Children’s Hospital, Guy’s Hospital, King’s College Hospital, Lambeth Hospital, London Bridge Hospital, Maudsley Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital, St Anthony’s Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital, University Hospital Lewisham, University Hospital Lewisham, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Cromwell Hospital, Epsom Hospital, King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes, Kingston Hospital, Lister Hospital, The London Clinic, The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, The Princess Grace Hospital, Royal Brompton Hospital, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Royal Marsden Hospital, St George’s Hospital, St Charles’ Hospital, St George’sHospital

Recent challenges faced by NHS and the need for clinical and medical research in London

  • Through dedicated research, the life expectancy of people have increased but this also means that more people are living with long term and terminal illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney diseases
  • Lifestyle factors of the people
  • Massive variations in quality and health outcomes.

Companies associated with clinical and medical research case reports

  • Hammersmith Medicines Research
  • Richmond Pharmacology
  • Smartway Clinical Trial supplies
  • The institute of Cancer Research, London
  • 3M
  • Abbott
  •  Actelion
  • A &H
  • Biogen
  • Biosurgical research

Public spending on healthcare 

Government-financed healthcare expenditure accounted for 79.5% of total spending at £147.1 billion. Total expenditure on long-term care in the UK was £44.1 billion in 2015, consisting of £33.7 billion on long-term care. Spending on preventive healthcare was £9.6 billion in 2015, and was spent mainly on healthy condition monitoring programmes and advice, education and counselling program.

Out-of-pocket expenditure is the largest non-government financing scheme, accounting for 14.8% of total healthcare expenditure in 2015 (£27.4 billion).

Challenges faced by the research managers and administrators in London.

  • Identifying funding and research income
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • REF impact

In conclusion, research in London focusses on detailed analysis of  the recent research-based changes that has taken place in the treatment of a particular disease. Pharmaceutical industries spending on cardiovascular research has grown over the years. Also special attention has been given to mental health.



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