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9th Edition of International Conference on Acupuncture


Track : 01 Acupuncture TechniquesAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture is the method of inserting needles into the peripheral skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles at particular acupuncture points and negotiate them. The objective of acupuncture is to direct and assign the flow of the Chi, so that the Yin and the Yang return to a state of dynamic equilibrium.

Acupuncture desires to diagnose symptoms by curing the disease. The acupuncturist must know the function of each acupuncture point and its interaction with other acupuncture points. He can then plan the treatment to exclude interference in the flow of Chi and to balance the Yin and Yang. After the acupuncturist has inspected the patient and attained a diagnosis, he decides how the patient should be treated.                                                                                                                Conference Image

  • Moxibustion
  • Cupping
  • Special pricking
  • Needle tapping
  • Electrical simulation

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Track : 02  Clinical Practice of AcupunctureAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

People use acupuncture to ease pain and treat certain health conditions. We can use it by itself or as a part of a treatment program. Studies have found auspicious results for the utilization of acupuncture to treat nausea and vomiting associated with physiological condition, chemotherapy, and post-surgery pain. It also may helpful for stroke rehabilitation, headache and tennis elbow and so on.

Track : 03 Acupuncture Pain ManagementAcupuncture Conferences| Acupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

The methods of acupuncture are based on the belief that the body contains patterns of energy flow referred to as qi. Proper, unimpeded flow of qi is believed to be essential for the maintenance of proper health, and needles applied to specific acupuncture points are believed to help correct and balance that flow. Due to its ability to stimulate the central nervous system, acupuncture has the potential to significantly affect the perception of back and neck pain.

Conference Image

  • Endorphins
  • Serotonin

Track : 04 Traditional Chinese MedicineAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes many alternative practices, together with treatment, moxibustion (burning an herb on top of the skin to use heat to treatment points), Chinese herbal medicine, tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), dietary therapy, and tai chi and qi gong (practices that combine specific movements or postures, coordinated respiration, and mental focus). Traditional systems of drugs additionally exist in other East and South Asian countries, including Japan (where the traditional herbal drugs is named Kampo) and Korea. A number of these systems are influenced by TCM and, however every has developed distinctive options of its own.

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Track : 05 Acupuncture & CardiologyAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Despite continued improvement in risk factor recognition and aggressive medical management, heart disease remains the number one killer in the world. Medications for primary or secondary prevention of heart disease can cause unpleasant side effects leading to non-compliance. Novel therapies are needed to serve as a complement to or alternative for current medical management. Acupuncture and more specifically electroacupuncture may serve as a safe and viable option in the cardiology clinic.

Conference Image

  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Arrhythmia

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Track : 06 Acupuncture & Chronic PainAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Chronic pain in the muscles and joints can make life miserable. Standard treatments like ice and heat, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and appropriate exercises can often ease the pain. But when they don’t, acupuncture is an option with a good track record evidence that it does provide real relief from common forms of pain. The team pooled the “sham” acupuncture, and some didn’t have acupuncture at all. Overall, acupuncture relieved pain by about 50%.

Track : 07 Acupuncture in Cancer CureAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture is used to treat many illnesses and ailments in cancer patients. It boosts appetite in cancer patients. Acupuncture also helps in chemotherapy side effects.

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  • Nausea
  • Hot flashes
  • Xerostomia
  • Neuropathy

Track: 08 Paediatric AcupunctureAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Chinese medicine is a safe, natural, and gentle way of addressing many common childhood ailments. From allergies to tummy aches, acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years in China to treat children. Paediatric acupuncture is gaining popularity in the West as parents seek more holistic ways of supporting their children’s health. From tiny new-borns to teenagers, acupuncture and herbs can be a gentle and effective addition to child’s paediatric care.

Conference Image

  • Allergies
  • Bedwetting
  • Digestive disorders
  • Paediatric Insomnia

Track : 09 Acupuncture & Orthopaedics | Acupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture orthopaedics is a combination of Japanese Meridian Theory and Classical Acupuncture with the myofascial techniques for the treatment of pain, postural imbalances, soft tissue injuries and other systemic disorders. Acupuncture is also used as a „physical therapy” to release the skeletal, muscular, and emotional holding patterns that are the basic causes of tension, pain, the precursors of injury, postural asymmetries and the residues of internal disease.

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Track : 10 Acupuncture & DermatologyAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture involves stimulation of specific points usually located along meridians. The source of stimulation on the skin can be elicited using needle points, pressure, or heat. Acpuncture has been used to treat an extensive list of skin conditions, including itching, Atopic dermatitis, Urticaria, Acne, Postherpectic neuralgia etc.

Conference Image

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Shingles
  • Vitiligo
  • Eczema

Track : 11 Veterinary AcupunctureAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture has been employed in veterinary practice in China for thousands of years to treat several conditions. Acupuncture also has been used for competitive animals,like those concerned in racing and showing. Veterinary acupuncture has also recently been used on a lot of exotic animals,like chimpanzees and an alligator with scoliosis still this is still quite extraordinary.

Conference Image

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Downer cow syndrome
  • Facial nerve paralysis
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Nonsurgical colic

Track : 12 Acupuncture & Neurological DisordersAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture is often used with electrical stimulation in treating nerve conditions, is very efficient at relieving the pain and building up the normal function.  Acupuncture activates the brain to release chemicals (neurotransmitters and opioids) into the body that reduce sensitivity to pain and normalize the nervous system. Acupuncture activates nerve receptors that decrease or „gate-out” (like a gate being closed) pain signals. Acupuncture with electrical stimulation interrupts the pain signal granting the nerve to calm down thereby reducing pain. Acupuncture boosts the number of endorphinsin the body and focuses them on the concerned areas.

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Track : 13 Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHT) | Acupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Korean hand acupuncture treats the hand as the nerve meridian design of the body, but in miniature. According to the Koryo Hand Theory, the hands have 14 meridians and 345 pressure points that coincide to other parts of the body. Korean hand acupuncture is meant to treat similar complaints to that of classic acupuncture, such as muscular and skeletal pain, nausea, asthma, insomnia and PMS. The therapy may be exclusively suitable for the treatment of pediatric patients as well as pregnant women, who may not be adequate to lie on their stomachs for long periods of time.

Conference Image

Track : 14 Auricular AcupunctureAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Auricular acupuncture is a type of acupuncture that involves stimulating external ear surface for the treatment and diagnosis of health conditions in different areas of the body. Ear acupuncture has proven to be a capable method of treating a wide range of conditions from allergies and headaches to addictions and disorders.

Conference Image

  •  Surgical stainless steel needles
  •  Gold plated needles
  •  Silver plated needles

Track : 15 Laser AcupunctureAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Laser acupuncture is adapted widely all over the Europe and Asia and is rapidly gaining quality within the united states, though it still remains confusing to some practitioners. Deciding which kind of optical laser to use and the way to use it are the first queries with which several practitioners struggle. Most lasers utilized in acupuncture are called low-level lasers or „cold lasers,” (they do not produce heat.). These aren’t a similar as lasers used for laser surgery, in which „hot lasers” are used as a scalpel to burn or cut. Study shows that low-level lasers can help to recreate cells, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, boost circulation, and stimulate hair growth, to call a few examples. This can be an excellent way to attract patients to clinic who might have needle phobic disorder.

Conference Image

Track : 16 Science of Acupuncture SafetyAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

It is true that acupuncture has a corresponding risk that is low.  It is become essential that our professional community analyse medical blunders from risks of adverse events for acupuncture.

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Vascular and nerve puncture injury

Track : 17 Acupuncture Treat DepressionAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

A new research suggests that acupuncture could be a promising option to treat depression. Western research suggests the needles may activate natural painkillers in the brain; in traditional Chinese medicine, the process is believed to improve functioning by correcting energy blocks or imbalances in the organs. Acupuncture researchers have struggled to comply for certain reasons.

Conference Image

  • Placebo effect
  • Blinding
  • Reporting bias

Track : 18 Acupuncture-AnxietyAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks anxiety not simply as a brain dysfunction, but also as an inner organs dysfunction. By inserting needles into the acupuncture points, which lie at specific prearranged anatomical locations on these channels, we stimulate body’s energy (Qi) to start the healing process and assist it to restore its natural balance. Acupuncture points can guide energy flow smoothly, and mitigate not only the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but the stress and anxiety itself. Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide.

  •  Trembling
  •  Tachycardia
  •  Troubled breathing

Track : 19 Acupuncture For Weight LossAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

As per TCM, whenever there is malfunction in the spleen and liver organ, it will create an imbalance in the body, which could lead to weight problems. Improper functioning of the spleen and liver can cause disruption in the functioning of digestive system and decrease the metabolic rate, which in turn can lead to health concerns like slow metabolism, eating more and few others. In simple terms, there is an energy imbalance between the calories consumed and calories expended resulting in weight gain. To control the weight problems, acupuncture is becoming a commonly used method of treatment.

  • Suppress appetite safely
  • Burn body fat quickly
  • Increase metabolism naturally
  • Reduce carbohydrate cravingsSuppress appetite safely

Track : 20 Acupuncture & DiabeticsAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Acupuncture can effectively reduce blood sugar levels, in people with diabetes. It has been shown to be especially effective in people with type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes). Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

  •  Polyphagia, Polydipsia & Polyuria
  •  Blood microcirculation
  •  Antiatherogenic

Track : 21 Acupuncture-Memory LossAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

It could be favourable in devloping the memory loss known as mild cognitive impairment, a condition that anticipate  dementia, according to a review of studies by Chinese researchers. Acupuncture contributes therapeutic benefits for those patients who have vascular dementia. According to modern research, the benefits include improvements in memory, orientation, ability to make calculations, and increased ability for self-care. In a data mining meta-analysis, researchers have identified key acupuncture points with specific therapeutic benefits for patients with vascular dementia.

  •  Baihui (GV20)
  •  Sishencong (EX-HN1)
  •  Fengchi (GB20)
  •  Shuigou (GV26)
  •  Shenting (GV24)

Track : 22 Oriental MedicineAcupuncture ConferencesAcupuncture EventsAcupuncture MeetingsAcupuncture 2018

Oriental medicine has been adapted for more than 2,500 years and covers acupuncture, moxibustion, oriental massage, Herbal medicine and oriental nutrition. It is a corresponding treatment plans. Oriental medicine is mainly practiced in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Tibet and India. People may be surprised to find that oriental medicine and method has spread to England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, much of Middle and South America, and Africa also. It has achieved worldwide acceptance and recognition as effective system of medicine that categorizes body patterns into specific types of diagnoses with medical treatment.

Conference Image



Acupuncture is a kind of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. It is a key portion of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The person who performs this therapy (an acupuncturist) sticks thin, sterile needles into the skin. The goal is to help your body’s natural healing process kick in. Studies show that acupuncture can be effective in treating several conditions like neck and back pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility and many more.

Conference Image

Acupuncture is generally safe when done by an appropriately trained practitioner using clean needle technique and single-use needles. When properly delivered, it has a low rate of mostly minor adverse effects. Accidents and infections are associated with infractions of sterile technique or neglect of the practitioner.


EuroSciCon welcomes you to attend the 9th Edition of International Conference on Acupuncture to be held from August 20-21, 2018, Dublin, Ireland. Acupuncture 2018 aims to gather leading educational scientists, researchers and research students to exchange & share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Acupuncture.

Conference Image

The conference proceedings include symposiums and workshops, keynote speeches, poster sessions and panel discussion on latest research developments in the field of Acupuncture.

EuroSciCon is the longest running independent life science events company with a predominantly academic client base. Our multiprofessional and multispeciality approach creates a unique experience that cannot be found with a specialist society or commercially.

Why to attend?

The use of acupuncture is widespread as it is being used effectively as an integrated treatment with a fewer side effects than western medicine and is a potential alternative to pain medications or steroid treatments. This unique conference will offer a platform for Eastern medicine to meet with Western medicine and will bring together researchers, practitioners, educators and other healthcare professionals, business delegates, students and young researchers all across the globe and shall serve as an opportunity to present and discuss recent advances in acupuncture research that have the potential to strengthen the base for its integration in health care to modernize the art of acupuncture.

Target audience:

Acupuncturists, Acupuncture faculty, Acupuncture practitioners, Oriental medicine faculty, Herbal practitioners, Psychiatrists, Therapists & Acupuncture counsellors, Acupuncture students, scientists, Treatment, Healing Centres and Rehabilitation Houses, Relevant Association and Societies, Medical colleges, Business professionals (Directors, presidents, CEO) from Acupuncture market. The field of Acupuncture growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts in Alternative Healthcare.

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Opportunities for Conference Attendees

For Researchers &Faculty:

  • Speaker Presentations
  • Poster Display
  • Symposium hosting
  • Workshop organizing

For Universities, Associations & Societies:

  • Association Partnering
  • Collaboration proposals
  • Academic Partnering
  • Group Participation

For Students & Research Scholars:

  • Poster Competition (Winner will get Best Poster Award)
  • Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the best presenter)
  • Student Attendee
  • Group registrations

For Business Delegates:

  • Speaker Presentations
  • Symposium hosting
  • Book Launch event
  • Networking opportunities
  • Audience participation

For Companies:

  • Exhibitor and Vendor booths
  • Sponsorships opportunities
  • Product launch
  • Workshop organizing
  • Scientific Partnering
  • Marketing and Networking with clients




Importance and Scope

The (WHO) World Health Organization endorses Acupuncture as an efficient treatment over many health problems. Acupuncture, is one of the oldest practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The first legal acupuncture centre is in the U.S. which was established in Washington DC in 1972.

The expenditure for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in United States was nearly 34 billion dollars in 2007. Visits to a health care practitioner of any kind totalled $61.5 billion, of which, $11.9 billion was spent on Complementary and Alternative medicine providers such as chiropractors and acupuncturists. Over 3.1 million adults visited an acupuncturist in 2007, a figure that has increased sharply over the past decade, in 1997 there were 27 visits to an acupuncturist per 1,000 adults compared to 80 visits in 2007. More than 14 million Americans reported having used acupuncture as part of their health care by the early 2010s. By 2016, Complementary and Alternative Medicine industry revenue is expected around 14.3 billion U.S. dollars in the United States. Globally, the industry is estimated to be worth some $60 billion a year.

In China since 1999 the government has promoted the development of Community Health Services Centres as major providers of primary healthcare, which includes the practice of moxibustion and acupuncture. There are currently 4169 Complimentary Medicine hospitals in China (including Western medicine and integrated CM hospitals), and more than 90 % of these hospitals have an acupuncture and moxibustion department.

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The Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institute of Health is currently funding research in the use of acupuncture along with British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)Council of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine Research Trust (OMRT) and National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine(NCCAM). National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has a gross funding of $123.984 million by the end of financial year 2014.

The top universities (China):

  • Guangzhou Pharmaceutical University
  • Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine
  • Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine

Top universities and colleges (USA):

  • American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • North-western Health Sciences University
  • Bastyr University
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Top associations and Societies:

  • National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)
  • British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)
  • Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR)
  • American association of acupuncture and oriental medicine (AAAOM)
  • The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK
  • World Confederation for Physical Therapy
  • National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
  • British Medical Acupuncture Society
  • International Acupuncture Association of Physical Therapists
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society

Future of acupuncture:

Conference Image

The future for acupuncture is bright. It is safe, it can provide a safe, side effect-free method. In 2007, 3.2 million people tried acupuncture, more than in 2002, to cure discomfort caused by chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, fibromyalgia, low back pain, and other ailments. It is expected that by the end of the year 2019 there will be as many as 30000 licensed acupuncturists at work in the US. The FDA had a record of more than 20,000 licensed acupuncturists, predicted to be providing more than 10 million treatments yearly at a cost in excess of $500 million.

The professional association needs more participation. It is no longer „what is my professional association doing for me?” We have greater, ethical and moral obligations to humanity in terms of sustaining this discipline as a community of the knowledge. It really is about what each and every one of us does in support of the profession.



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